Start Having Fewer, Faster, More Focused Meetings Today!

Plan Meetings

Efficiently plan meetings by defining attendees, business objectives, agenda items, location and data/time for the meeting – you can also rapidly create new meetings by cloning previous ones.


Distribute Meeting Agenda

Easily email professional branded meeting agendas to meeting attendees along with any meeting documentation right from your iPad – documentation can be linked to the agenda email from either your Google Docs account, Dropbox account or any other URL accessible location.


Capture Meeting Assets

Capture, categorize and assign ownership to valuable meeting assets (notes, action items, decisions, risks and issues) created during the meeting either by typing them into the application or recording audio for later dictation.


Distribute Meeting Summary Report

After you complete a meeting immediately generate a professional branded meeting summary report that can be exported in PDF format via email or uploaded to Google Docs, Dropbox or Evernote.


Advanced Meeting Search

Advanced search capabilities that provide full text searching across all of your MeetingResult data. Easily find individual notes or other meeting assets by searching. Allows you to quickly find that piece of information that you captured in a previous meeting. Premium Subscription Required


Automated Email Notifications

When you complete a meeting in MeetingResult you have the option of sending automated notifications that provide reminders for action item, issue and risk owners. The system will also send automated emails to users tagged on meeting assets to provide visiblity into important meeting details where they were referenced. These features reduce the effort and follow up time required to remind users to follow up on important post meeting activities and to keep others informed without requiring them to attend every meeting. Premium Subscription Required


Streamlined Status Updates

Email reminders contain links to web based forms for easily updating status and providing comments on post meeting assignments (i.e. action item, issue and risk assignments).Premium Subscription Required


Secure Cloud Backup and Restore

Automated syncing of all stakeholder, project and meeting data to our MeetingResult Cloud Service to provide secure backup and restore capabilities. If you lose your iPad or switch to a new one you can restore your data from our Cloud Service. Premium Subscription Required


Meeting Performance Reporting

Easily report on over 20 meeting metrics across one or all of your projects.  Spot trends and address issues before they cause significant problems for your projects. Premium Subscription Required