PSM Workshop Overview

Based on MeetingResult’s Powerfully Simple Meeting (PSM™) method, the Meeting Mastery Workshop is designed to master the art and science of meeting management in a fun and interactive environment.

This one-day workshop includes live interactive instruction; discussion of concepts, hands-on activities with debriefs, and exercises to grow your new strategies and skills. Key focus areas include:

  • Establishing an awareness and context for the types of meetings you lead
  • Understanding the underlying problems that drive meeting ineffectiveness
  • Learning a proven process that drives high meeting performance
  • Building the essential skills that support great meeting leadership
  • Integrating all of your learning so your ready to begin immediately
  • Learning how to use MeetingResult’s meeting management software to automate and streamline the activities associated with planning and executing meetings, communicating outcomes and following up on post meeting assignments.

The bottom line is that this workshop will help you master a set of proven processes, skills and tools for leading the most productive meetings on earth.

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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for business professionals who are responsible for organizing and managing collaborative business meetings. Whether you are an experienced meeting leader or a new comer to the space, this workshop will equip you with the tools are resources to lead the most powerfully productive meetings imaginable. The workshop is ideal for individuals or intact teams looking to develop meeting skills and strategies that drive productivity and results. We highly recommend teams attending the training together so that everyone has a common understanding of process changes related to how meetings will be managed. This will ensure a greater level of adoption and sustained improvements.

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MR Learning Principles

Your learning and growth is our number one objective. At MeetingResult our Meeting Mastery Workshop follows four principles to engage you in learning throughout this course:

  • Guide you to see the personal benefit of what you are learning and how it satisfies a need you have
  • Explore through self-directed tools and resources to take charge and contribute to your own learning
  • Share in the experience of learning by coming with your unique background and expertise
  • Achieve by practicing and applying your new skills and knowledge

Contact us today to learn more about this powerful workshop.

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Workshop Delivery Options and Pricing

We offer several delivery and pricing options to fit your schedule and budget.

  • Webinar (Three 90-minute sessions) – $349/participant (1-5), $299/participant (6+
  • Exclusive training in your organization – email at or call (703) 679-8256 for pricing
  • Get certified to teach this workshop – email at or call (703) 679-8256 for pricing

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