Will You Be Exposed Or Exalted This Week?

This week, tens of thousands of business professional will be presented with a seminal opportunity to perform in the spotlight of one of the most important stages in business. Unfortunately many of these professionals don’t realize that these pivotal opportunities … Continued

How To Be A Pro At Closing Meetings

Mariano Rivera is arguably the best closing pitcher of all time.  He was the Yankees closer for seventeen years, was a thirteen-time All-Star and five-time World Series champion.  Rivera was know for his precise control, smooth pitching motion and most … Continued

Your Big Fat But Is Killing Our Meetings

Nothing kills the momentum of a collaborative meeting faster than a big fat “but”. You know the drill because you’ve likely been on the receiving end (or possibly the giving end) of the fat “but”. It goes something like this: … Continued

Do You Really Want To Know…Or Are You Just Asking?

As we network with business colleagues and prospective clients, one question we are often asked is: “How can my organization run more effective meetings so we can stop wasting so much time?” (or something to that effect).  Our prepared response … Continued