Start Having Fewer, Faster, More Focused Meetings Today!

Based on Standardized Meeting Process called Powerfully Simple Meetings (PSM)

PSM was developed to be simple but highly effective. It focuses on the essential aspects of the planning, execution and reporting phases of your meetings to guarantee you achieve your objectives and deliver powerful results.


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Streamlined Meeting Planning

Efficiently plan meetings by defining meeting objectives, structuring your agenda, selecting attendees and subscribers and setting your location and date/time/duration for the meeting. Clone prevous meetings to rapidly plan new meetings. Schedule meetings using your favorite calendar system (e.g. Outlook, Google Apps, iCal, etc.) and have them automatically created within MeetingResult.


Branded Meeting Agenda and Summary Report Creation

Single click creation and distribution of professionally formatted and branded meeting agendas and summary reports ensure that everyone, including those who did not attend meetings, is on the same page with meeting outcomes.


Easily Capture and Categorize Important Meeting Content

Single click capture, categorization and assignment of important meeting content (notes, action items, decisions, issues and risks) improves clarity and accountability for meeting outcomes.


Advanced Meeting Search

Free form text search across all meeting data provides instant access to historical meeting information. Locate that important meeting detail and jump directly to it with a single click.


Centralized Meeting Knowledgebase

A single knowledgebase for all meetings allows easy reference of past meeting information, provides a means for new team members to get up to speed and mitigates the risk of team members leaving with critical knowledge that is only captured in their heads.


Automated Meeting Follow Up

Automated email reminders make sure that action items and other meeting assignments are completed on time. Additional reminders can be sent to ensure prompt follow-up.


Team Member Dashboards

Members of your team can be granted an account to access a single location to view their meeting information and assignments and make status updates.


Streamlined Status Updates

Meeting attendees who receive assignments during meetings receive email reminders with links to web forms where they can provide status updates and comments that are instantly available to the meeting planner.


Project Meeting Performance Metrics

Industry first metrics on meeting performance. Over 20 metris are automatically tracked just by using system and provide keen insight into meeting performance identifying areas for improvement.


Team Member Performance Metrics

Industry first metrics on meeting attendee performance. Automatically track attendance and follow up on meeting assignments with a single click. Allows you to see at a glance how Team members are performing in the meetings they attend.