Create Templates for all Recurring Meetings

Creating a meeting template saves time for similar meetings in the future.

MeetingResult allows you to clone previous meetings when creating a new meeting. This feature can be leveraged to help you speed up the planning process for future meetings. Rather than searching for a past meeting to clone you can create a set of meeting templates and store them in one location for easy retrieval when you are planning new meetings. Follow the steps below to create a template repository and a set of meeting templates for reoccurring meetings.

  1. Create a Templates Project – The Templates Project will act as the repository to hold all of the meeting templates that you will access when planning your meetings.
  2. Create Meeting Templates – Within the Templates Project create and plan a meeting that contains the location information, objective(s), agenda items and attendees for each reoccurring meeting that you will need to plan in the future.
  3. When you need to create a new meeting use the meeting cloning functionality and choose the appropriate template. Once you create the new meeting using one of the templates you can make any changes that are required. You will need to assign the meeting to the correct project that it will belong to and also choose the appropriate date/time and duration.
  4. Repeat these steps to create additional meeting templates.