Love it!

I use MeetingResult to manage about 3-5 meetings a week. It’s critical to my success.

Chaun Mikuleza, ManpowerGroup

MeetingResult has helped me stay organized!

This app has helped me organize so much, thank you.

Michael Y. Ereti

MeetingResult has helped me to work more efficiently, and more focused

It helps making sure there is no area that can be forgotten. The structure of planning and preparing before the actual meeting, and the follow-up and report options are a great way to keep track of the results, and even build a smooth transition into project management.

Stephan Melchior, PM, Wilson Learning

I have had clients save up to three hours per week by using MeetingResult

If you are often in formal or project based meetings where a methodical approach to meeting management is required, I highly recommend that you check out MeetingResult.

Simon Waller, Project Management Consultant

Had been using another app for meeting minutes and had a ios crash on it after an upgrade. Searched and found MEETINGRESULT….downloaded it, did a few test meetings on it and have never looked back

MEETINGRESULT, very well laid out, easy to use and able to support our types of meetings that have sometimes more than 25 people in them. Other apps like this could not manage large attendees list, however, this app does it and more. Ability to simply check off who is in attendance came in very handy from day one of use. Adding late names to attendee list is simple and fast. MEETINGRESULT developer has been very responsive and helpful when I had a problem, which was more on the MS Exchange side than the actual app itself.


MeetingResult has helped me regain control over my productivity

by helping me better plan my sales meetings, differentiate myself in a commoditized market and more consistently run sales meetings that create the kind of client urgency that is required in high stakes sales.

Charles Hollander Jr., Founder, Red Flag Training

How does this app not get more attention?

Simple, easy to use, highly effective. I would recommend this app to anyone who needs to run meetings and track projects of any kind. Awesome app!


I have used this app regularly for some time now

It helps organize my agenda, keeps my meetings on track and helps me follow key action items after the meeting. The ability to email a complete summary of the meeting from within the app is perfect and the professional looking format makes you look like a true computer genius!

Scott Cavazos

I was looking for apps to create agendas and record meeting minutes and found the perfect combination with this app.

It had more features than I was looking for and the more I use it, the more indispensable they become. I haven’t found a better way to document meetings, share agendas, list stake holders, and organize assets. Fantastic App.

Patrick Cowley, UDOT Region One

Excellent tool for setting up and tracking meetings

Every person I invite to my meetings using this meeting tool, raves about it.

Gary Pennock

Pure pleasure, great app!

Had been using another meeting minute app and after software update to iso6 system, that other app kept freezing up. Searched the app store and just happened to come across your wonderful app. Ran a test meeting to learn the system and then went into a full meeting support mode. In a nutshell—fantastic ! The Meeting Results for Business will replace 100% the other app on my business use only ipad2.

Joe Kokesh, Qoros Auto

Amazing piece of work – my compliments!

Retief Kleynhans, Gorra Water

Almost everything in this app allows for more efficient meetings, proper planning, and smooth execution

It simplifies meeting prep and set-up. Also Really appreciate the variety of meeting asset notes (including divisions between action items, decisions, issues, risks, etc.). Helps keep types of meeting notes separate and allows for easier follow-up.

Erin Eighan

The application was designed with a very nice fit with Project Management Good Practices.

You can easily add team members, define task owners, set target dates, under very good clasification of projects managed. Besides, it seems (I have only three meetings recorded) to offer a simple system to record the meetings, ordered by dates so I guess it will be very easy to search and fine meeting results, allowing nice traveability of projects. It’s also GREAT, that the meeting minutes are summarized automatically, if one registers notes, actions, decisions, issues and risks in a proper way, minutes can be sent immediatly after the finish of the meeting, when you are still seated at the meeting room. Conversion to PDF is quite good. The app was a very nice surprise, really productive!

José Manuel Moreno

I have used MeetingResult since it was first introduced to the app store and have run it in tandem with other apps but nothing out there touches it in terms of applicability within my workflow.

In terms of use, I use it to capture a range of meetings both face-to-face, online and conference calls daily as it allows me to structure the commentary into a structured output, which has been complimented by many parties receiving the information. At the moment, for example, I am in the process of developing the Business Strategy for a new business which will have a global approach, which means multiple conference calls of long duration, with plenty of discussion and a range of complex outputs in terms of decisions, actions etc. Having the ability to manage this directly in-app and through Evernote not only saves time but also reduces the friction created by people not finding critical information in emails etc. These days it is rare that I use my Mac (although I am on it now!) simply because the iPad platform gives me the ability to handle highly complex and time critical workflows by centralising on a few high grade apps allowing me to plan, manage and ultimately deliver……MeetingResult is in those core apps for me!

Pete Wayne