Would you like to know how effective the meetings are within your organization?  

Would you like to know what you can do to improve the effectiveness of meetings within your organization?  

There are many studies that have been conducted to evaluate the problems that we all experience with meetings.  Some of the more troubling findings include:

  • There are more than 3 billion meetings per year.  That’s 11 million formal meetings in the United States per day.
  • Most employees attend an average of 62 meetings per month.
  • 50% of people find meetings to be unproductive.
  • Executives on average spend 40-50% of their working hours (23 hours per week) in meetings and 7.8 of those hours are wasted on unnecessary and poorly run meetings.  That is 2 months per year wasted!
  • It is estimated that 37 billion dollars a year is wasted in ineffective meetings.
  • A Fortune 50 company estimates losses in excess of 75 million dollars per year in wasted meetings.
  • A meeting between several managers or execs may cost upwards of $1,000 per hour in salary costs alone.
  • 75% of people have received no formal training on how to conduct an effective meeting.

Before you can target what needs to be done to fix your meetings you must first determine what is causing the meetings to be so ineffective.

The Meeting Effectiveness Evaluaton Tool is used to measure organizational meeting effectiveness across 5 categories.

  1. Clarity of Purpose & Outcomes: Are individuals clear on why they are meeting and the resulting expectations, decisions and actions?
  2. Accountability: Are meeting leaders and attendees demonstrating personal accountability throughout the meeting process?
  3. Participation: Does your organization have the right attendees participating in your meetings?
  4. Process and Training: Are your meeting leaders equipped to run effective meetings?
  5. Data Capture and Sharing: Is essential meeting information being collected, preserved and shared as needed?

How Does It Work?

Step 1 – We provide a communications package that you use to let participants know what you are trying to do with the evaluation and how the process will work.

Step 2 – We deploy an anonymous web-based survey and allow 2 weeks to gather responses.

Step 3 – We analyze data and create a customized report that highlights results across the 5 categories along with specific recommendations for improvements – available 1 week after survey closes

To get started with this complimentary evaluation email us at info@meetingresult.com