Resolve To Simplify and Improve Your Meetings in 2014!

People are naturally drawn to products, services and ideas that are simple.  Take the iPhone for example.  When the iPhone arrived in the market most cellphones were covered with buttons and controls.  You had to read the user manual to figure out what all the buttons did and even then there were a few that you just couldn’t figure out.  Steve Jobs insisted on having only one button on the iPhone.   This passion for simplicity can be found throughout the iPhone’s many features.  He labored over ever single detail about the iPhone and his main focus was making it as simple as possible.

This ideal of simplicity is not easy to achieve and you can’t achieve it by just removing all complexity.  Simplicity is achieved by applying order to the complexity and this is often very difficult to achieve but the results are well worth the effort.  Last quarter Apple sold about 34 million iPhones.  By all accounts this is a clear indication that people like simplicity and will reward those who can deliver simple products, services and ideas.

At MeetingResult we are striving to the make the process of planning, executing and reporting on meetings as simple as possible.  Our meetings system, enabled through our cloud and mobile meeting software, provides you with a simple, effective system for meetings.  How much time could you save if your meetings were simpler and more effective?  How much more productive could you and your coworkers be if your meetings were run with precision?  Stop dreaming about it and Start having fewer, faster more focused meetings today!