15-Minute Friday

I read an article recently about how successful people handle time management. The article offered several helpful tips on time management. The tip that stuck in my mind was the concept of 15-minute Fridays. The author stated that on Fridays they would spend 15 minutes at the end of the day taking care of loose ends and reviewing their calendar for the upcoming week.

For my fellow MeetingResult enthusiasts I would like to offer a variant of the 15-minute Friday idea that has proven extremely helpful for me. Each Friday I am spending 15 minutes reviewing the meetings that I have conducted during the week and planning any upcoming meetings for the following week. The review of past meetings includes checking the status of follow up activities, ensuring that I have distributed all meeting summary reports and reviewing meeting metrics to see how my meetings are performing for each project. Because of the workflow and reporting features built into MeetingResult all of this information is right at my fingertips. These 15 minutes have proven invaluable and provide an opportunity to close loose ends for the week and set me up for success for the following week. Give it a try and I firmly believe it will become part of your Friday routine.

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