The Hidden Value of Capturing Meeting Data

In our last blog post we highlighted the time savings and improvement in productivity that our customers have experienced over the past six months and that we quantified in a recent survey. This was exciting news but there is something … Continued

MeetingResult 6-Month Update

We launched our cloud based version of MeetingResult in late September of 2013. As of March 2014 we have seen the following usage patterns. Since October 1,272 New Meeting Planners have created 2,088 Projects; added 9,769 Stakeholders; conducted 5,735 Meetings; … Continued

15-Minute Friday

I read an article recently about how successful people handle time management. The article offered several helpful tips on time management. The tip that stuck in my mind was the concept of 15-minute Fridays. The author stated that on Fridays … Continued

Clarity Is King

I recently participated in a half-day meeting with the senior executive team of a multi-billion dollar international company.  During the meeting one of the executives presented a proposal for a project that had the potential to save the organizations between $40M … Continued

The Datafication of Meetings Explained

Big Data has taken the world by storm.  You don’t have to look far to find evidence of its impact on our lives.  Chances are you have shopped on Amazon at some point in the past.  If so then you have probably gotten … Continued