Prune Those Meetings

I read a book recently by Dr. Henry Cloud called NecessaryEndings.  In the book Dr. Cloud makes the point that there are things in our business and personal lives that we need to get rid of in order to make … Continued

Meetings = Communications

In a recent survey project managers were asked what single skill contributes most to the success of a project manager. The overwhelming response was fairly obvious but we believe there is an insight within these results that deserves further consideration. … Continued

You Do What?

In a recent survey of project managers we asked them how much planning they typically perform for a project meeting. The results are very interesting and I think they point to a conclusion somewhat contrary to the data. * No … Continued

C’Mon Man! You Need A System!

Tuesday morning – 9:00 am. You invite eight of us to a meeting, and like lemmings we all accept. This hour long meeting’s going to cost the company at least a $1000, but you haven’t even considered the cost. The … Continued

Improve Meeting Performance with Technology

Most of us understand the advantages that information technology provides in our lives and we can’t deny that computers and mobile devices have become engrained in our cultures.  Anything from booking an airline ticket on your favorite internet travel site … Continued

Meetings – The Current Status Quo

In the last blog post we explored the massive investment that meetings represent each and every day across the business world.  We introduced some pretty alarming statistics about meetings.  One of the statistics that stands out the most is meeting … Continued