C’Mon Man! You Need A System!


Tuesday morning – 9:00 am.

You invite eight of us to a meeting, and like lemmings we all accept.

This hour long meeting’s going to cost the company at least a $1000, but you haven’t even considered the cost.

The meeting finally starts and none of us really know the objectives of our meeting.

You don’t have an agenda and you’re clearly flying by the seat of your pants.

My time is very important to me, my work, and my family, but you don’t demonstrate any respect for my time.

People share great thoughts and ideas throughout the meeting, but I don’t see you writing them down.

It seems that action items are being assigned and decisions are being made, but your lack of clarification leaves us uncertain.

Some attendees are taking notes, but I wonder what they’re really writing down.

The meeting finally ends because we run out of time and you say you’ll schedule a “follow up”.

You don’t document any of the important discusion points and send it to the team for review.

The others who couldn’t attend will be left in the dark.

At least half of our “follow up” meeting will be spent discussing items that we’ve already covered.

C’MON ManYou’re wasting my time and our company’s resources – you need a system!

MeetingResult, Master Your Meetings

Photo Credit: brett jordan via Compfight

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