The Hidden Value of Capturing Meeting Data

In our last blog post we highlighted the time savings and improvement in productivity that our customers have experienced over the past six months and that we quantified in a recent survey. This was exciting news but there is something else that we are even more excited about and so are a lot of businesses that we have talked to lately.

Looking beyond the time savings and productivity improvements there is another compelling benefit to using MeetingResult – meeting data. It is nearly impossible for organizations to accurately measure the productivity and effectiveness of their business meetings. There is simply little to no data available to assess what is actually going on inside the meeting rooms. MeetingResult addresses this issue by providing a data driven method for evaluating meeting activity and performance. MeetingResult users have clear insight into critical meeting information such as individual attendance records, man-hours invested, real-time status of follow up activities and meeting content generated during the meetings, to name a few. With the capability to measure meeting effectiveness, organizations can easily assess and improve their meetings, and ultimately project performance.

Very little has been done historically to quantify meeting effectiveness and use data to target improvements. This is surprising considering the amount of time that is spent in meetings. We see this as an untapped fountain of productivity gains for organizations in an economic climate where doing more with less is an absolute requirement to remain competitive.

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