MeetingResult 6-Month Update

We launched our cloud based version of MeetingResult in late September of 2013. As of March 2014 we have seen the following usage patterns.

Since October 1,272 New Meeting Planners have created 2,088 Projects; added 9,769 Stakeholders; conducted 5,735 Meetings; and captured 29,810 Meeting Assets (15,213 Notes, 9,736 Action Items, 3,133 Decisions, 1,336 Issues and 392 Risks).

We are excited to see the rapid growth and use of MeetingResult but more importantly we are thrilled to hear about the time savings and productivity improvements that our users are experiencing. In a recent survey that we conducted 36% of the respondents reported saving 1-2 hours per week using MeetingResult, 20% reported saving 3-4 hours per week and another 20% reported saving 4-6 hours per week.

We would like to thank all of our current customers and encourage others to give MeetingResult a try. What could you do with a few extra hours each week and meetings that run smoothly and deliver results?

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