Three Personality Traits of Great Meeting Leaders – Part 3 of 3

The third personality trait of great meeting leaders is Organization.  Meeting leaders set a tone for the meeting before a single attendee enters the meeting space. Basic actions, such as sending out a clear agenda with materials in advance of a meeting, demonstrate organization and competence.


A meeting leader that plans on the fly, scrambles to prepare materials or has uncertainty about meeting participation sets a tone of disarray.

Organization involves simple tactics with high impact. Being an effective meeting leader requires a modest level of administrative work. Basic tasks, such as planning the agenda, making copies and confirming attendance, must always be done well. Failing to perform these tasks can undermine the effectiveness of the meeting.

Collectively Humility, Confidence and Organization create a powerful formula for leaders leveraging the PSM system. These traits inspire attendees to perform at their best and enable the meeting leader to drive toward higher levels of clarity, accountability and performance that we so desperately need in our meeting rooms.

How are you showing up with respect to organization?  Could you use some improvement?  What impact would this have on your meetings?  Leave us a comment below!